How a Difficult Decision by a President Changed the Course of History.

  “Death is stalking us the same way it stalked the French. Tell the boys not to come here, to stay home.  If they can get even only $1 a day, tell them to take it.”   This was the common sentiment of many letters back home to families from workers on the Panama Canal […]

How to Effectively Lead Remote Teams. Part 8: How to Super Charge Your Team.

“What gets recognised and rewarded gets done”.   It’s vital that when you lead people and lead teams, you recognise, reward and celebrate the achievements, successes and milestones that occur within your business, team, or organisation as it super-charges your people to greater performance.   Right now more than ever in this global crisis, with […]

How to Effectively Lead Remote Teams. Part 7: Finding Your Untapped Leaders

  You could have a valuable untapped resource right now, sitting in plain sight in your business or organisation –  resource that you could utilise to assist you in navigating your remote team through these tricky and turbulent COVID19 times and beyond.   No doubt you’re trying to pivot your business, team, or organisation to […]

How to Effectively Lead Remote Teams. Part 5: Harnessing the Power of One On Ones

  One on one communication – there’s never been a time in recent history than right now for leaders to ensure they’re deliberately taking regular time to communicate with their key people one on one.  All great organisations, businesses, and teams are built upon one on one communication.As you know, the COVID19 pandemic has thrust the world into chaos and […]