How to Effectively Lead Remote Teams. Part 5: Harnessing the Power of One On Ones

  One on one communication – there’s never been a time in recent history than right now for leaders to ensure they’re deliberately taking regular time to communicate with their key people one on one.  All great organisations, businesses, and teams are built upon one on one communication.As you know, the COVID19 pandemic has thrust the world into chaos and […]

How to Effectively Lead Remote Teams. Part 3: Growing and Transferring Trust.

  There’s a great deal of trust that goes into allowing your team to work remotely, and under normal circumstances, you’d usually allow this for team members who have earned your trust over time, proving they can work just as effectively working remotely, away from you, or you’ve already structured your business this way and […]

Who you need to be surrounding yourself with right now.

2020 really has been quite the year already. We here in Australia were left reeling when Mother Nature unleashed her fury and devastated many communities with bushfires and then the storms and floods. And now we all face COVID 19 as a global community. What a line-up of events that we’d all rather do without. […]

How Do Great Leaders Build Trust, Honesty and Respect?

  Think about this for a minute, which people do you trust the most? Do you trust the people that you “Like” their Facebook post of what they ate for breakfast, or do you trust those that you sit down with to genuinely discuss things, openly? In the increasingly demanding pace that business life sets, […]

Assume Nothing! Things Might Not Go to Plan.

Assume Nothing! Things Might Not Go to Plan. If there’s one thing that’s certain in life, other than death and taxes, is that even the best laid plans might not go how you want them to!  You have to assume nothing!   Case in point on the weekend at one of the biggest pay-for-view games […]

Coxey Live – Love Languages and Personality Profiles

SERVANTHOOD LEADERSHIP How well you truly know your key people has a tremendous impact on the effectiveness of your leadership.  And there are two key things that are really important to know about your key people if you want to lead them effectively. Check out my latest article: Want to Max Your Teams Performance?  Then […]