Company Profiles


Renascent is a national business which is licensed to operate in all Australian States and Territories. They employ 90 plus professional staff and are turning over in excess of $100 million annually. Renascent consistently deliver well-managed, high quality and safe projects that involve commercial fit construction, interior fit out building refurbishment and upgrade services.

Omega Plumbing Solutions

Omega Plumbing solution’s core focus is emergency plumbing, electrical, drains and hot water with an emphasis on emergency same day response. Omega currently has 48 staff and has been in business for 25 years.


PMC is a one stop shop in the Painting and Decorating Industry and they do all painting facets commercial and residential as well as maintenance programs for on- going clients year after year. PMC has 8 staff and has been in business for two years although it’s owners have been in the painting and decorating business for 18 years.

Excite Holidays

Excite Holidays are a leading holiday wholesale provider that provides services in hotel accommodation, transfers, activities, etc. They specialise in those things but their core business is that we are a wholesaler for hotel accommodation. They have about 300,000 properties worldwide of allotments and they sell on to the travel agents who then sell on to the general public.


Vobis is a law practice that specialises in commercial corporate law. They are located in Sydney and have been in business since October 2013. Currently Vobis employ 3 staff.


MCR are an IT integrator that provides professional services, managed services and who partner with all of the major vendors out there. Security, managed services is one of their key areas of focus. They are located in Australia, the Pacific – Papua New Guinea, Fiji and have just opened an office up in Singapore. MCR have been in business about 25 years and employ approximately 50 staff.


Datacom is a professional IT services organisation founded in New Zealand 50 years ago and are proud to celebrate their 50th birthday in 2014. They are a privately owned organisation. Inside the range of professional IT services they do everything from building and running very large state-of-the-art data centres where they host data. Datacom provision and design cloud services for organisations and supply infrastructure, hardware as well as software development. They have a large software development house of maybe 450 software developers that are writing significant, large software products. Some of their clients include the Department of Justice in New Zealand, the ATO, and Air New Zealand. They also offer delivery of customer service operations for IT companies.

Peter’s passion for leadership, his guidance and him being a dreamer and visionary has helped us to understand the basic leadership principles and how to utilise these principles. He has provided us with the tools and skills to keep moving our business in the right direction. Peter’s desire and enthusiasm to grow people and organisations is exemplary.

He has influenced us in many areas of our lives including our personal life as well as growing our business to a successful level. We’ve had a lot of challenges along the way in growing our business and Peter has helped us tackle these head on and to constantly overcome obstacles and take action in a forward motion. Most importantly he has taught us to grow ourselves in order to be the best individuals we can be to enable us to grow in other areas in our life.

The impact Peter Cox has had on our life:

– He taught us to DREAM BIG and believe in ourselves without losing sight of who we are and keeping true to our values and doing right by people along the way on our journey to success.

– Peter has equipped us with the essential skills required to build our business and lead people, very important especially in business.

– Most empowering of all, he us taught us that in achieving success and growing ourselves, you can also remain happily married through what can often be a very challenging journey.

– Peter Cox walks the talk, he is a man who leads by example and practices what he teaches. This is a very rare quality.

– His values, honesty, integrity and loyalty to the team give you the utmost confidence in working with him.

– He is a visionary, a man who knows where he’s going and how to get there and in such a manner that you can be proud and hold your head high at the end of the day.

Stan and Leila Sithole

Directors, Urban Fitness