Facing the Truth Head On

Joana Bonto – Global HR Director – Excite Holidays

“Peter has done a wonderful job of providing and sharing his FLITU Principles with us and our core values and our culture is based on the FLITU Principles. We want everyone to treat each other like family where we can have open dialogue, where we can discuss things, be communicative, fight, argue, debate but ultimately we are going to be loyal to one another.”

Francis Farmakidis – Partner – Vobis

“The one thing that I would say is that the idea of conditions of exchange is something that is very important in commercial dealings and also your personal dealings. That’s the only thing that fits under integrity in my view. So FLITU is all you need.”

Brent Lambert – CEO – PMC

“Integrity is a major one for us and our clients. Integrity and Trust.”