Discover how to grow a business
that doesn’t rely solely on you.

Learn how to grow a high performance team around you who you trust to do what you need them to do.

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What's inside.

In this book, Peter has packed his highly effective leadership principles and strategies, learned from over 30+ years hands-on experience growing one business for himself since 1994 into 29 countries, and those of his Leadership Dynamics clients since 2003.

Learn how to grow a high performance team around you –  a team you trust to do what you need them to do and who treat the business like it was their own.

Leadership Coaching and Succession Planning

“I was instantly hooked on this book, and I could not put it down until I finished it. It’s not a big one – it’s 90 pages. I started it on a Friday evening and read it any time I wasn’t looking after the kids. I couldn’t put the thing down.”

Theodore Vairaktaris, Managing Director, Usher Group

About Peter Cox

Peter Cox is one of the most sought-after leadership mentors and high-performance team builders on the planet for business and elite sport for over 30 years. 

Peter works alongside Business Owners, CEOs, Company Directors and elite sporting teams and their key leaders to grow leadership thinking and behaviours to build their level of influence and to develop a winning team culture – key factors to grow high performing teams and businesses.

“The product is not the product. The product is your people.” 

He’s featured in Forbes and Success magazines and is a TEDx speaker, along with authoring two books – “The Dream is Everything” and “Your Business Shouldn’t Need You”.  

Peter has also spoken to millions on leadership over the last 30years.