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50% of businesses fail in the first 5 years.

65% of businesses don’t make it to the 10-year mark.

(Small Business Administration research)


Ineffective leadership.

75% of Australian employees said their workplaces needed better managers and better leaders.” (Source).

Often, there is great disunity among the leadership team that has negative ramifications to the business. (Source)

Ineffective leadership can lead to many things including poor morale/poor culture, a lack of focus on key deliverables, reduced productivity and team performance, high staff turnover, unstable cashflow. (Source)

Poor business culture.

“Companies fail due to a lack of leadership and a winning team culture.” (Mark Hurd, former CEO, Oracle).

60% of business leaders still view company culture as a nice to have – rather than a need to have. (Source)

Culture – good or bad – drives the thinking and behaviours of each individual in the business.

Low employee engagement, confusion and doubt.

53% of employees are not engaged in the workplace – they come to work, do the minimum, and would leave for a slightly better offer.

Knowing what’s expected of them is a driving force of employee engagement.

Only approx 50% of employees know what’s expected of them. (Gallup Poll, 2018)

Poor recruitment and retention of top performers.

56% of businesses hire the wrong people. (Source)

50% of employees have left a job to “get away from their manager at some point in their career. (Source)

Wrong people in the wrong roles causes frustration and resentment in the team.  High turnover results in wasted resources, a loss of skills and negatively impacts the performance of the team.

Not being “ON” the business, planning for the long term.

Business owners tend to follow a deadly pattern known as “short term-ism”.

63% admit to only strategically planning a year in advance.

They fail to capitalise on opportunities for growth, new developments, researching industry trends, fostering relationships with clients etc. (Source)

Don’t seek help and fail to delegate.

70% of business owners don’t recognise (or choose to ignore) what they don’t do well and don’t seek help from those who do. (Source

Depression and anxiety.

56% of business owners are struggling mentally. This is more than double the national average. (Source)

62% of business owners feel depressed once a week which is 8% higher than the normal average.  (Source).

Depression leads to poor decision making and greatly impacts a business owner’s level of influence to lead their team.

Poor home life and health.

Approx. 50% of business owners are not satisfied with their work/life balance. (Source)

57% of small business owners are overstressed, eight-in-ten are sacrificing sleep to keep the lights on. (Source)

The current divorce rate is approx 50%.  The divorce rate is thought to be higher among entrepreneurs than the general population. (Huffington Post, Sept 2017 )

These factors significantly impact a business owner’s ability to effectively lead.


In what key areas does your business need to grow?

If you really want to grow, complete this 1-minute business growth health check to find out.


Grow your leadership effectiveness.

Your leadership drives everything.

Discover key leadership strategies to grow your influence and maximise your leadership effectiveness to grow a high-performance business and sustain it for the long term.

Discover how to grow and lead a high-performance team around you, who are 100% loyal and who are sold out to you as the leader and the vision you have for the business.

Grow a high-performance team culture and business.

Discover how to grow and lead a high-performance culture where you and your people excel and thrive together in unity and harmony.

Discover how to inspire innovation to drive productivity, creativity, ongoing performance improvement, and end results for your customers and clients.

Discover how to grow a business that attracts profitable clients because you and your team produce world-class work and it’s evident you all enjoy what you do.

Grow the level of your employee engagement.

Discover how to dramatically grow the level of engagement of each of your team members in their role and in your business.

Discover how to get each individual crystal clear on your vision for the business, their role in achieving it, and then empower them to go and do it, to the best of their ability.

Grow your recruitment and retention of high performing team members.

Discover how to save countless hours and resources in recruitment, and the frustration caused by hiring the wrong person, by knowing how to place the right people in the right roles.

Discover key strategies to grow and retain your star performers and have them working together in harmony, creating a high-performance team.

Grow your long term strategic thinking – get ON your business.

Discover strategies and processes that will free up your time to think strategically about your business and plan for the future (not just caught up in the day to day busyness).

L4G will provide a clear road-map to help you lead your business to the next level and beyond.

Grow a business that doesn’t rely solely on you. 

Discover how to grow a high-performance team around you, to whom can you can delegate to, and, who can complement your skillset, so the business doesn’t rely solely on you, giving you more time for the other things you love doing…remember those? Have more choice and freedom.

Discover how to recruit a leadership mentor for you to seek support and wisdom from so you can significantly grow your leadership effectiveness and your business.

Grow a strong and resilient mindset.

Discover how to grow and maintain a strong and resilient mindset to enable you to keep you and your team climbing together, even through the extremely challenging times in business.

Grow a balanced and happy home life.

Discover how to grow a business that doesn’t rely solely on you to free you up so you can spend regular, quality time with loved ones and to do the things you love to do.

Discover how to better understand yourself and those you surround yourself with, to give you greater insight into how to make your relationships thrive, in harmony.


Peter Cox, CEO of Leadership Dynamics and author and creator of Leading4Growth, has over 30 years of experience growing high-performance leaders and teams. He’s not guessing.

Peter works alongside business owners, CEO’s, Company Directors, and professional sporting organisations and their key leaders, implementing his highly sought after Leadership Dynamics process. He grows leadership thinking and behaviours to build their level of influence and to develop a winning team culture – key factors to maximise business performance.

The Leading4Growth program teaches you Peter’s Leadership Dynamics process – a culmination of 30+ years hands-on business experience growing his own businesses and those of his Leadership Dynamics clients since 2003.


Sam Vakilli

CEO, mcr IT

Jo Arvonen

Owner, Aris Building Services

Ben Eaton

CEO, Starleaton



When working with many business owners, we frequently hear these sentiments and frustrations:

I want to spend time ON the business and not be caught up in it!

I don’t feel in control of my business.

I’m working so hard, but I’m not yet achieving the results I want to achieve!

There are not enough hours in the day.

I want work-life balance!

How do I improve my cash flow?

How do I keep my good people?

How do I recruit the right people?

I waste so much time and money on recruitment.

I don’t have unity and harmony in my team. There so much arguing!

My staff don’t seem to care about the business.

My culture isn’t good enough.

How do I raise the performance of my team?

I don’t know who my leaders are.

I need clarity about my Vision for the business.

I’ve got nobody advising me.

The business isn’t giving my family what I thought it would give us.

I’m not where I want to be.

I don’t spend quality time with my family.

I want to live a better life!




Your investment.

Time: 30 minutes per week to watch the video and complete the workbook.
We recommend doing one module per month, however, you can progress at your own pace.

Money: 12 modules for only $297.
This equates to a little over $24 per module.

Value: For all the intellectual property and resources, plus live access to Peter every 2 weeks, the value for 12 months is in excess of $10,000.

How it works.

Upon enrolment, you’ll receive 12 modules. Each module contains:

  • 2 or 3 x 10 minutes of video teaching from Peter
  • The module workbook (downloadable or online) to help you apply what you’ve learned to your own unique business
  • Practical tactics you can implement in your business
  • A personal Priority Action Plan to keep you accountable to implement your key learnings.
  • Access to the L4G Online Community
  • A bi-monthly live mindset session with Peter in the L4G Facebook Community, “An Hour of Power with Coxey”
  • Access to special leadership webinars and live events
  • A summary of the key learning points
  • A quiz

You will be stimulated and motivated to grow.

If you want things to change, then your thinking must truly change. Leading4Growth will powerfully stimulate and motivate you to grow all areas of your professional and personal life.

To be a highly effective leader requires not just intentions but people’s whole energy, heart, spirit, and conviction, and this is what Leading4Growth leads you to do.

You will be given proven, world class Leadership strategies and tactics.

L4G will give you all the strategies and tactics necessary to see you go from strength to strength in your Leadership. Peter Cox, an experienced and successful businessman and leader, has utilised these strategies and tactics to grow his own businesses and those of his clients. One of his businesses is in 28 countries with 15,000 team members.

No theory here – just tried and tested methods utilised in many different businesses and elite sporting teams.

It's personal, practical and accountable.

Peter and the L4G team have developed workbooks to allow you to think deeply about your own business and apply what you’ve learned from the module to your own situation.

Peter also shares his highly effective and practical tactics you can implement straight away into your business.

There’s a Priority Action Plan for each module to help you identify the key priorities you identified, then to help you plan the next steps to address/implement them and keep you accountable for doing it.   

L4G goes beyond the theory.  It’s hands-on, personal, and highly practical.

You will be supported by the L4G online community.

By signing up for the L4G Online Leadership Development Program you also become a member of the L4G Leadership Community.

This enables you to communicate with our team at L4G and the other members of the L4G community, to ask any questions you have and to support one another.

Twice-monthly mindset sessions - "An Hour of Power With Coxey"

The L4G Community also has access to live mindset sessions with Peter – “An Hour of Power with Coxey” where Peter, in his unique, infectious and energetic style, will empower you with strong mindset thinking, tools, and tactics to help you grow and maintain an empowered and resilient mindset. He’ll also answer any questions you have.

We’re also hosting Leadership Webinar Events covering the biggest issues in leadership and the ones impacting you. You’re not alone in your leadership journey. We’ve got your back.

Easy online access, available anytime.

You can access the Leading4Growth Online Leadership Development Program at any time and revisit the modules as many times as you like.

Our website is optimised for all mobile devices so you can access the course wherever you are, on any device.

Mark Hurd, former CEO of Oracle, posted a list comparing the Top Fortune 500 companies in 2015 to that same list in the year 2000.

Do you know what he found?
Over half the companies on the list in the year 2000 were gone!!


A lack of leadership and a lack of a winning team culture.

They relied too much on their history and did not continually invest in building Leadership strength and creating an outstanding team culture.


Leading4Growth gives you practical Leadership strategies and tactics you can implement straight away to grow your business. In the first 12 modules we’ll cover:


Topic 1.

Change: How To Successfully Lead Your Team Through It

In business today it’s “adapt or die”. If we don’t continually keep up with market trends and change the way we do things, we will not survive for the long term. And you, by joining this program, are going to be challenged to change how you currently operate in your team or organisation. How will you successfully lead the changes you need to implement?

Peter will teach you step by step how to do this.


Topic 2.

Great Leaders Are Led

Every great leader in history has had a mentor. Every single one. Peter will share his absolute passion and conviction why every leader who wants to do great things needs a mentor. He will also share how to identify a person to lead you and the long list of benefits of having one will bring to your life and Leadership.


Topic 3.

Great Leaders Cast Vision

It’s imperative all leaders have a clear vision of where they want to take their business, team or organisation. It’s also imperative that their team not only knows this but also buys into and gives 100% support to it. Not an easy feat.

Peter will take you through the necessary processes you need for establishing a clear vision and leading the people you’re responsible for to adopt the vision like it was their own.


Topic 4.

Great Leaders Set Clear Expectations

It’s crucial all leaders determine the thinking and behaviours required to achieve the vision. These need to become the expected thinking and behaviours of yourself and the people you lead.

Peter will show you how to determine the thinking and behaviours necessary to achieve your vision and how to also communicate them to your team to ensure they are effectively adopted and maintained for long-term success.


Topic 5.

Growing Your Influence

You’re not a leader, regardless of your title, unless people are following you, and to do this, you need influence. Not the “do this or I’ll fire you” kind of influence, but true influence where people follow you with 100% loyalty and commitment.

Peter will give you proven strategies and tactics to enable you to exponentially grow your level of influence and strengthen your leadership to drive the achievement of the vision.


Topic 6.

The Power Of One On Ones

One On Ones are one of Peter’s powerful leadership strategies. Over the last 20+ years, he has conducted over 17,000 One On Ones in his own business and for his clients. It’s the most successful leadership strategy to build trust, increase loyalty, plant vision, drive clear expectations, duplicate right thinking, change behaviours, change the heart and spirit of a person, resolve conflict, to increase unity and much more.

Peter will impart his learning’s and wisdom from his 20+ years experience in conducting One On Ones. He’ll show you the vast importance and huge benefits of this process and how to set up and conduct effective One On Ones in your own organisation, business or team.


Topic 7.

Building a Winning Team Culture

If you have talented people in a bad culture, you lose. If you have ok people in a great culture, you start to win. If you have both, you have exciting times ahead.
To achieve a stellar performance from your team, you need to build a winning team culture. You can’t build anything great on your own. It is critical as the leader you build your culture. Without it, you will do nothing significant.

Peter has been building winning team cultures for 20+ years in both the business world and in elite sport. He will share with you his best strategies to build a team culture in which your people will excel.


Topic 8.

Developing a Harmonious and Unified Team

An important skill for every leader is to take their winning team culture and use it to create true and lasting unity and harmony. Unity and harmony are critical to achieving outstanding results.

There are some key strategies and tactics you need to do this. Peter will take you through each one he uses in his own businesses and those of his clients, step by step.



L4G delivers world class Leadership teaching based upon 30+ years of Leadership experience.

Peter has been leading his own teams since 1988 and leading others in businesses (large and small) and professional sport. Peter has achieved great success for himself and his clients utilising the Leadership principals and strategies he will share with you.


No one delivers Leadership like Peter Cox.

His conviction, his passion, and his strong desire to build outstanding leaders and business owners are second to none. His clients value and respect these qualities and utilise them to drive them to further success.


L4G will stimulate and motivate your thinking.

There’s little reason to join a program that doesn’t challenge the status quo because if your thinking doesn’t change, then you will remain exactly where you are now.

Peter will shake up your thinking when it comes to Leadership and provides you with proven strategies, tools and tactics to grow and strengthen your Leadership.


L4G can be accessed anywhere, at any time, on any device.

It can be done in-house, at home, on the way to work – whenever and wherever you like. Our site is optimised for all mobile devices so it’s really easy to access the L4G program.


L4G helps you grow a strong and resilient mindset.

Once you enroll, you’re given access to the L4G Team and Community.  Twice a month, the L4G Community can attend live online mindset sessions with Peter –“An Hour of Power with Coxey”, where he’ll share his highly effective mindset strategies and will empower you with his unique, energetic, and inspiring style, to assist you and your team to keep climbing. 

You can also ask questions of Peter and the L4G Community on any leadership challenges you’re facing.


L4G is practical.

You are given the tools to truly apply what you’ve learned to your unique situation. Each module contains a practical workbook, notes of the key points, practical tactics, an interactive quiz and a Priority Action Plan to assist you in planning key module learnings you identify and to ensure you implement them.

This ensures you apply what you have learned in each module, to your own business; something critical for your success.


L4G has a Money Back Guarantee.

We offer a Money Back Guarantee.  If you’re not happy with the L4G Online Leadership Development Program for any reason, we’ll refund you, no questions asked, except for how we can improve.



12 modules of Leading4Growth are only $297.

This equates to a little over $24 for each module.



It will take approx 30 minutes each week to watch the video and complete the workbook.

Each module has 3 parts. We recommend doing one part per week or one module per month, however, you can progress at your own pace.



For all the intellectual property and resources, plus live access to Peter every 2 weeks, the value for 12 months is in excess of $10,000.



If you’re not happy with your purchase of the L4G program within the first 60 days, we’ll refund your money no questions asked.



Michael Maguire

Head Coach, NZ Kiwis and Wests Tigers

Amie Fadini

Director/Mortgage Broker, Bellevue Capital

Damien Kelly

Sales Director, Head of PHI, Aon


What is the L4G Online Leadership Development Program?

It is an online leadership program that encompasses Peter Cox’s Leadership Dynamics process, built on over 30+ years experience successfully leading and growing his own businesses since 1988 and helping his clients do the same, since 2003. It stimulates and motivates your thinking when it comes to leadership, teaching you proven, world-class leadership principles, strategies, and tactics you can immediately implement into your own business.

How often do I receive a new module?

You receive the first 12 modules upon enrolment. 

What is included in each Module?

Each month you will receive a new module that contains:

  • 2 – 3 x 10-minute video modules from Peter.
  • The module workbook and key learning notes to help you apply what you’ve learned to your own business.
  • A Priority Action Plan to assist you in planning how to implement the key priorities you identified in the module and to keep you accountable to do them.
  • Key Tactics to help you implement the strategies in the module.
  • An interactive quiz to ensure you remember the key points.
  • Access to the private L4G Team and Community to ask questions and for support.
  • Q&A sessions with Peter.
  • A bi-monthly L4G Community live mindset session with Peter – ” An Hour of Power with Coxey”


Is the Leading4Growth Online Leadership Development Program for me?

  Peter has worked with both large and small organisations, from plumbers to banks, from medium-sized law firms to large building companies, from professional golfers to professional sporting teams. Peter has taken his years of successfully leading people and designed the L4G program specifically for Business Owners, like yourself. In every module you’re provided with all the strategies and tools you’ll need to get ON your business, instead of caught up IN it.

Your Leadership impacts everything so if you would like to build upon your current leadership capabilities and become the kind of leader you want to be to take your business to where you want it to go, then the L4G Online Leadership Development Program is for you.

Do you offer team discounts?

Yes, we do!  We offer reduced subscription rates depending on the number of your people you’d like to sign up. Contact us ( and we’ll send you a special team price.

How is the Leading4Growth Online Leadership Development Program delivered?

Upon enrolment, you’ll receive the first 12 modules. After 12 months, you’ll receive access to the next 12 modules, upon renewal of your subscription.

All the course materials, downloads and instructions are provided in a Members Only site that you will have access to once you register. Our website is optimised for all mobile devices so no matter how, when or where you like to learn, we’ve got you covered. Too easy.

What are my payment options?

It’s a yearly charge.

You can pay by Credit Card.

How does the guarantee work?

If you’re not happy with the L4G program for any reason, we’ll refund you the full amount, no questions asked. 

I have other questions or thoughts I’d like clarified. How can I reach support?

Our team is here to support you! Email us at We’re only too happy to answer any questions you may have.


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In what key areas does your business need to grow?

If you really want to grow, complete this 1-minute business growth health check to find out.



12 modules only $297. 30 minutes per week.



Grow your
strategic thinking –
get ON
your business.

a high
team culture.

Grow a
business that
doesn’t rely
solely on you.

Grow the
level of

Grow a
strong and
a resilient

Grow your
recruitment and
retention of

 Grow a
and happy
home life.