How To Smash Your Goals. Part 2.

  Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon books is a remarkable man. In 1999, Time magazine voted him its Person Of The Year and here’s what Time Magazine said about Bezos: “It’s easy to sit here today (1999) nodding about the power of electrified commerce. But back in the day when you – frankly, when everyone – […]

How To Smash Your Goals. Part 1.

On November 15, 1899, during the Boer War, a young English journalist found himself on a train with British soldiers.  A large company of Boers ambushed the train somewhere between Colenso and Ladysmith in the Natal Province.  With stones laid on the train track, the train, reversing, shuddered to a crashing halt.  Several cars spilled […]

The Most Effective Leadership Strategy To Deal With Your Stress.

  Right now, stress is at an all-time high for most people, and particularly for leaders – leaders of our nation and our states, leaders of businesses, teams and corporations and leaders of our families. Many try to ignore the feelings of stress and work harder and hope like crazy it will go away. However, […]