Coxey Live – High Performance Team through Personality Profiles

Servant Leadership How well you truly know your key people has a tremendous impact on the effectiveness of your leadership.  And there are two key things that are really important to know about your key people if you want to lead them effectively. Check out my latest article about building high performance team: Want to […]

Want High Performance Team? Then Here’s 2 Key Things You Need to Know.

Some days as a leader when you are building your high performance team, you start thinking that working with plants instead of people would be a fantastic idea because there’s just so much drama, disunity, and disharmony within your team!  It feels like you’re back at high school some days!   Though if you’re not […]

Coxey Live – The Servant Leadership Theory

Servant Leadership Theory. How well you serve your team will have a direct impact on the level of performance they give you. Serving your team is critical for your success. How do you serve your people?   Check out my latest article: The Servant Leadership Example | Is Your Team Being Served? The Servant Leadership […]

The Servant Leadership | How’s Your Humility? | Part 2

  Humility: An often under rated leadership quality that is truly next level. Here’s a true story illustrating servant leadership about what Muhammad Ali did on a plane trip one day…….   The plane Muhammed Ali was a passenger on was going through some pretty rough turbulence so, the Captain turned the seatbelt sign on. […]

The Servant Leadership Example | Is Your Team Being Served? | Part 1

Leadership qualities that are often underrated but are truly extraordinary. Below is one of my all-time favorite stories about servant leadership…   A group of soldiers and their commanding officer were delivering a wagon full of supplies to their regiment.  It was a glorious day in the forest – sunlight was filtering through the canopy […]

Coxey Live – FLITU- The Importance Of Loyalty

LOYALTY. It’s easy to be loyal when things going great but are you loyal in tough times? Loyalty is a key ingredient for success. Who are you committed to? Are the people you surround yourself with loyal to you?   Check out my latest FLITU article: “Without “L” There is No Chance for Success”   […]

Coxey Live – The Problem is not the Problem.

  Often, the problem you have isn’t the problem you think you have. Highly effective leaders ensure they dig below the surface of the problem to ensure they know exactly what they’re dealing with.   Check out my latest article on The Problem Is Not The Problem   I talk more about this and much […]

Coxey Live – Achieving Your Vision

    To achieve the vision you have for yourself in business and in life, there are some critical things that you must do when leading your team.  Without them, you won’t achieve the success you’re looking for.   Check out my latest article on How a Courageous 16 Year Old Girl Led an Army […]

Lessons From a Courageous 16 Year Old Girl Who Led an Army

  WANT TO ACHIEVE YOUR VISION? THIS GIRL CAN TEACH YOU A THING OR TWO…..   The girl ran her trembling hands over her pant legs, smoothing non-existent wrinkles in an attempt to calm her heightening nerves that were threatening to squeeze the air from her lungs.  It had taken a great deal of petitioning […]