Coxey Live – The Problem is not the Problem.

  Often, the problem you have isn’t the problem you think you have. Highly effective leaders ensure they dig below the surface of the problem to ensure they know exactly what they’re dealing with.   Check out my latest article on The Problem Is Not The Problem   I talk more about this and much […]

Coxey Live – Achieving Your Vision

    To achieve the vision you have for yourself in business and in life, there are some critical things that you must do when leading your team.  Without them, you won’t achieve the success you’re looking for.   Check out my latest article on How a Courageous 16 Year Old Girl Led an Army […]

Coxey Live – Highly Effective Leaders Form Strategic Alliances

  Anything great that’s been achieved has been due to strategic alliances between highly performing teams and individuals, all unified and focussed on the same end goal.  Alliances have and always will be a vital part of self-actualisation to achieve the vision.   Have you aligned yourself with others?     I talk more about […]

Coxey Live -What Makes the Difference When Leading People

Leadership is a massive responsibility. You’re responsible for the people you lead and you should be making a positive difference in their lives each day.  When you do this, you build trust and you build loyalty and they’ll follow you almost anywhere. There are some key things that make a difference when leading people.   […]

Coxey Live – Unity – You Can’t Do Anything Great On Your Own.

UNITY. You can’t do anything great on your own and you’ll only do something great if you and your team are unified and unified for the long haul, through the good times but particularly the more challenging ones!! Constantly be vigilant and work on the unity between yourself and those you surround yourself with!   […]

Coxey Live – Keep Earning Trust Daily

TRUST. Just because we have trust today, doesn’t mean we’ll have trust tomorrow.  We need to keep re-earning it daily.  We need to ensure we’re transparent with the people we surround ourselves with to ensure we don’t damage the trust they have in us.   How transparent are you?   Family. Loyalty. Integrity. Trust. Unity. […]