Do You Have a “Henry” on Your Team Who Could Destroy Your Team from the Inside?

  Whhhuuummpp!  An arrow pierced the cool night air of the Swiss camp in the village of Arth, landing at the feet of the leader of the Confederates. Fearing an imminent attack, the rabble of the peasant army quickly drew their make-shift weapons while seeking cover, steading themselves to fight for their lives and awaiting […]

Just Because You Have Trust Today Doesn’t Mean You’ll Have Trust Tomorrow

  Recently, I inadvertently lost trust with a long-term client and personal friend due to a misinterpretation of a communication that was sent to him which I didn’t get a chance to reply to, as a result of me missing his email response while I was away at a Leadership Conference.   It resulted in […]

Would You Keep The Fish Or Throw It Back?

  The sky and the lake were awash with hues of golden pink and streaks of lilac as the sun began to sink into the early evening. There wasn’t a breath of wind in the air. Everything was still. Quiet. It was a glorious night for fishing at the end of the dock.     […]