“Working remotely is a completely different environment and behaviour compared to when we go into a daily office environment. It requires a deliberate focus on the right thinking, behaviours and strategies to drive a stellar performance from your people who are working remotely from their leader and from each other.”


I’ve written this “how-to” guide for leading remote teams as I’ve had a great deal of experience in leading remote teams globally since 1994 and I want to be of real value to you. I now have a remote sales force of over 15,000 in one of our businesses in 28 countries, with 12 different languages, so I know the strategies outlined in this guide are highly effective.


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I wish you every success in leading your business, team, or organisation, particularly as we navigate the world through and post COVID19. I trust this guide greatly assists you in leading your remote team, stimulating, and agitating your thinking.