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Head Coach, Australian Women's Soccer Team, "The Matildas"

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Build a stable business.

Discover the right things you need to focus your attention upon to take your business where you want it to go, sustaining it for the long term.

Increase productivity and profitability.

Discover how to grow and lead a culture of innovation to drive ongoing performance improvement.

Build an outstanding team culture.

Become the business where everyone wants to work because the culture is phenomenal and the standard of work is second to none!

Restore your work/life balance.

Discover how to gain greater control of your business giving you more time for the things you love doing…remember those??! Live a better life!

Attract better clients.

Become the business everyone wants to work with because you and your team produce world-class work and it’s evident you all enjoy what you do!

Become a confident role model.

Become the Leader you’ve always aspired to be and who your team respect and love to follow.

“Peter is great at identifying problem areas within our organisation and bringing out the leadership potential in each team member, helping us achieve a more dynamic working environment.”

George Papaioannou

Managing Director, Excite Holidays

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One of the biggest hurdles and frustrations I see for many Tradie business owners to grow their business, is the inability to access the right business experts, tools, resources, training and systems that will help them do this because they either don’t know where to look, or, help is often cost prohibitive!  

Tradiemate Pro (TMP) removes these barriers and provides members with an impressive array of Tradie business training, tools, resources, systems and much more, all tailored for their own business!

It’s an honour to be a part of the most innovative and exciting initiative that the Tradies market is likely to see for many years to come.

You can check out Tradiemate Pro here.  It’s pretty incredible.



MBA Assignment on Leadership, Featuring Peter Cox, by Stephen Ashworth

This report reviews an organisation experiencing rapid growth with its leader struggling to lead the team that was not coping with business expansion.

Click here to view the report.

Peter Cox and Leadership Dynamics

Peter Cox, the Founder and CEO of Leadership Dynamics, has developed successful businesses and has been leading people since 1988 utilising a leadership template to develop leadership capabilities and to raise up leaders. He wants others to be able to benefit from the leadership principles that have led to his extraordinary success.

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Leadership Dynamics utilises leadership strategies and tactics, which have impacted Directors, Small Business Owners, Senior Leaders in large and small organisations, professional sporting organisations and elite Professional Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches to raise their level of influence on a daily basis and develop leaders around them.

The principles of Leadership Dynamics, including “Allowing yourself to Be Led”, “The Power of One on Ones” and “Facing the Truth Head On”, have been taught one on one, to small groups, and to audiences around the world.

The clients of Leadership Dynamics really value Peters independent influence, accountability, and being challenged to not simply manage, but to lead. Peter works along side you and your team to face your individual challenges head on, teaching you leadership and mentoring skills to help you realize your business (and often personal) and teams aspirations.

If you’d like to find out more about Leadership Dynamics and how Peter can work along side you and your team to develop extraordinary leadership skills, please call us on 02 9525 5944 for more information.

“As the Co-Founders in the family business Gregory Jewellers, over the last 14 months we have implemented the leadership dynamics system led by Peter at the family board level which resulted in the family business being “ON” our business formalising strategies and communication to grow the business unifying the family.


Peter is passionate and convicted about growing leaders to grow organisations and has really challenged all of our thinking about what true leadership is.”

Edward Gregory

Joint CEO, Gregory Jewellers

Peter’s passion for leadership, his guidance and him being a dreamer and visionary has helped us to understand the basic leadership principles and how to utilise these principles. He has provided us with the tools and skills to keep moving our business in the right direction. Peter’s desire and enthusiasm to grow people and organisations is exemplary.

He has influenced us in many areas of our lives including our personal life as well as growing our business to a successful level. We’ve had a lot of challenges along the way in growing our business and Peter has helped us tackle these head on and to constantly overcome obstacles and take action in a forward motion. Most importantly he has taught us to grow ourselves in order to be the best individuals we can be to enable us to grow in other areas in our life.

The impact Peter Cox has had on our life:

– He taught us to DREAM BIG and believe in ourselves without losing sight of who we are and keeping true to our values and doing right by people along the way on our journey to success.

– Peter has equipped us with the essential skills required to build our business and lead people, very important especially in business.

– Most empowering of all, he us taught us that in achieving success and growing ourselves, you can also remain happily married through what can often be a very challenging journey.

– Peter Cox walks the talk, he is a man who leads by example and practices what he teaches. This is a very rare quality.

– His values, honesty, integrity and loyalty to the team give you the utmost confidence in working with him.

– He is a visionary, a man who knows where he’s going and how to get there and in such a manner that you can be proud and hold your head high at the end of the day.

Stan and Leila Sithole

Directors, Urban Fitness

“Peter Cox has managed to successfully identify the concepts and disciplines needed to reach one’s goals…..not only within the pages of this book but in “the real world”.  Peter has shown he has and understands what it takes to succeed.”

Doug Wead

Author of 30 books, translated into 25 languages. He served on the senior staff in the George Bush White House and has served as an informal advisor to George W. Bush.

My Thinking is Consistently Being Challenged and Improved by Somebody Who I Respect and Trust.

“Since 2003 we have utilised Peter Cox’s leadership skills in both the Sydney and Melbourne offices to identify key areas in our business where we required leadership.

We have never had better people working for us driving our Company forward and we use specific leadership strategies and templates that Peter has brought into our organisation to identify the right people. Coming from a building background we too have grown as leaders under Peter’s leadership mentoring process.”

Tony Hargreaves

Managing Director, Sales and Marketing, Renascent Contructions