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World class leadership strategies,
proven globally across multiple industries.


“Build a business that
doesn’t rely
solely on you
so you can enjoy the
choice and freedom
owning your own business
should bring”

Peter Cox

CEO, Leadership Dynamics


Build a stable business.

Discover the right things you need to focus your attention upon to take your business where you want it to go, sustaining it for the long term.

Increase productivity and profitability.

Discover how to grow and lead a culture of innovation to drive ongoing performance improvement.

Attract and retain high performing staff.

Become the business where everyone wants to work because the culture is phenomenal and the standard of work is second to none! Save valuable time and money on recruitment.

Attract better clients.

Become the business everyone wants to work with because you and your team produce world-class work and it’s evident you all enjoy what you do!

Become the leader you want to be.

Become the Leader you’ve always aspired to be and who your team respect and love to follow.

Restore your work/life balance.

Discover how to gain greater control of your business giving you more time for the things you love doing…remember those??! Live a better life!


Sam Vakilli

CEO, mcr IT

Michael Maguire

Head Coach, Wests Tigers NRL Team and New Zealand Kiwis National Rugby League Team

Jo Arvonen

Owner, Aris Building Services

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Grow your business or team for the long term.
Re-establish your work/life balance.
Go at your own pace.


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