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This on demand and online masterclass covers 6 key strategies global leadership expert, Peter Cox has been utilising since 1998 to grow high performing teams in 29 countries, with a sales force of over 15,000, and, that his Leadership Dynamics clients use to unleash the potential of their people to drive business success.

About Peter Cox

Peter’s mission has always been to build stronger leaders so they can live better lives, and as a result, in 2003, he established Leadership Dynamics Australia to enable him to better share his many years of global leadership experience, processes and strategies with businesses and professional sporting organisations, to help them achieve their vision.

Peter works alongside Business Owners, CEO’s, Company Directors and Professional Sporting Organisations and their key leaders to grow leadership thinking and behaviours to build their level of influence and to develop a winning team culture – key factors to maximise team performance and success.

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About Leadership Dynamics and Peter Cox

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