How to Effectively Lead Remote Teams. Part 9: Cost Effective Ways to Up Skill Your People.

How to Effectively Lead Remote Teams


In a study conducted in 2014, it was found that:

A staggering 75% of Australian employees said their workplaces need better managers and better leaders. 


75%!!   In this new COVID 19 world we’re dealing with right now, we really need better leaders and better managers to navigate these unprecedented times especially when there are remote teams involved.


As John Maxwell says, “Everything rises and falls on leadership”.


Organisations, businesses, and teams (including Remote Teams) have never been under so much pressure to adapt and survive and this situation has been exacerbated by the necessity to have their people working remotely from home and all the extra challenges this brings along with it.


There has never been a more important time in recent history to train and equip your people to be more effective in their roles.  This is the time, to grow the leadership potential of your people to help you lead the business, organisation or remote teams you lead with greater effectiveness.  This is the time like never before to raise the performance capability of your key people.  Your people to bring their A-game, working in isolation.


This is not the time to pull back on training and upskilling your key people.


A recent article in Forbes Magazine, beautifully outlined some in-house solutions for training and upskilling your remote people and teams, that are seriously worth your consideration. It gives you some really practical things you can do in-house, for little cost.


There are also many cost-effective online courses and programs available to businesses and organisations which your remote people can easily access and participate in.  To ensure what people learn gets implemented, have them report their key learnings to the remote teams, via a Zoom call.  If the team is participating in the program together, have them discuss this all together and then strategise how to adopt what they’ve learned into the business, team, or organisation.


A particular favourite of mine is my new program, the Leading4Growth Online Leadership Development Program. This online program was developed to help business owners, CEO’s, coaches, and anyone who leads teams and their key people to equip them to raise their effectiveness, leading teams.


The 8 key strategies covered in the first 12 months of this program will stimulate and agitate your thinking in relation to what you must do to lead teams, remote or otherwise more, effectively.


The timing of the COVID19 pandemic crisis with the launch of Leading4Growth, I believe will impact your leadership and see you leading for growth during these unprecedented times.



Where do you need to grow?


How are you growing your people in isolation?


What do you need to do to make this happen?


Are you prepared to invest in yourself and the key people you surround yourself with?



This brings the series, “How to Effectively Lead Your Remote Team” to a close.


I truly hope that this 9-step process has sparked thoughts and ideas you can immediately implement into your team and business you lead remotely to grow the effectiveness of your people.


If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected] or join our Facebook Page and message me or post a question to the group.


I hope you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy.


Take good care and keep climbing.




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If you’d like to follow the Leadership Dynamics Facebook Page, my team and I are organising some online events to thrash out issues like leading your teams remotely, in more detail.  Stay tuned.  Click here for the link to my Leadership Dynamics Page.



I’ve been leading remote teams globally since 1994.  In one of my businesses, I now have remote teams in 28 countries, with a sales force of 15,000, in 12 languages. I’m also the Founder of Leadership Dynamics Australia which provides leadership strategies for SME’s and professional sporting organisations in Australia since 2003.  I’ve implemented the strategies outlined in this blog series, ‘How to Effectively Lead Remote Teams”, since 1994 to great effect.



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