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Teamwork makes the dream work and Peter has been building and empowering teams to unite to deliver outstanding results around the world since 1988.

The Leadership Dynamics team works closely with each client to design workshops to deliver specific outcomes for your business.

The workshops are a formal, hands on approach to developing leadership in a group setting. Peters unique style truly challenges the thinking of each attendee and empowers them to grow their leadership capability and potential to drive performance and outcomes for your business.

All attendees will leave with a workbook full of practical and actionable strategies and tactics to implement straight away.

In addition, the workshops can give real insight into who the real leaders are in the organisation and where additional time and money must be invested, because those closest to the leader will determine that leader’s success.

Speaking and Presentations

Not many people deliver leadership like Peter Cox.

His high powered and challenging presentations have resonated with many around the world since 1988 resulting in him being an in-demand speaker globally. His direct, challenging and empowering presentations ignite the desire on the inside of the attendees to really want to lead.

Peter has been presenting and training audiences from as small as 15 people up to audiences over 8,000, for small businesses, professional sporting teams and corporations.

The content of Peters presentation is always tailored to the needs of each client; however, the list below gives an idea of some of the content Peter can deliver in his challenging and inspirational leadership style:

Presentations Available:

Characteristics of a Leader

Winning - What it Takes

Why People or Organisations Fail

The Secrets of Winning

Personal Change

Principles To Reach Your Potential

Developing Leadership

Principles for Winning


Creating Momentum

How to Create Unity and Harmony in the Team

Who is Leading You

The Dream - The Vision

Lead by Example

The Nine Qualities of a Leader

You Need Influence

The Power of One on One

Be the Best Leader You Can Be

Create Momentum

Accepting Change

Overcome Problems

Setting Clear Expectations

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