Leadership Dynamics

Allowing Yourself To Be Led

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If you really want to learn how to lead, listen to and go and talk to leaders. The greatest way to grow as a leader is to listen to what they say.


Will you allow ideas other than your own to help you improve your leadership?  

How much momentum do you really have when you look where you are right now as a leader and the responsibilities you have to lead a team and grow a business?

12 months from now if you change nothing, and you are the same leader you are right now, with the same thinking and same leadership issues, what do you see?


Leadership comes from within.  It is an attitude to want to be the best leader you can be, and this requires you as the leader to allow yourself to be led be someone who you aspire to be.


Who is leading you?  


If you want to lead, you need to demonstrate your ability to be inspired and led by somebody other than yourself, who challenges your status quo, your vision, your strategies, your relationships, your ego, your humility, your teachability………

If you want change as the leader you must be willing to be part of the change process.  Where do you need to change and who is leading you to tell you the truth?  Leaders face the truth head on and are prepared to answer difficult questions to lead more effectively moving forward.

Allowing yourself to be led means as the leader, you’ve taken responsibility to lead others more effectively by allowing yourself to be led and be challenged by the truth about where your leadership needs to improve, to lift the lid on the team you lead.


Who feeds you?

Who challenges you?

How will your thinking change if nobody is leading you?


Being led will challenge your vision and will create deliberate change.

Being led is all about having trust with someone who is more successful and more effective than you are as a leader who will challenge you and your vision. This person must also be independent to your business to be effective, a third party perspective, looking from the outside in so there is no bias in the advice they give to you.

As trust grows, you as the leader will be more open to hear the truth.

Most people don’t want to hear the truth and will therefore never reach their leadership potential.

For 22 years I was led by an extraordinary leader before he passed, which gave me the leadership authenticity to lead others.


Who is leading you?


Steve Ashworth – CEO – Buel
“To be honest before meeting Peter I don’t think I was open to the process of being formally led.  I don’t think I really understood it but it became very clear with Peter.  I didn’t have a clear understanding of what a Leader does.  I saw myself more of a Manager than a Leader.  My Leadership Characteristics materialised through Peter.  It became very clear that Leadership or Developing Leadership in the business was crucial for us to grow.  It has changed the way I manage my staff”.
Click here for full case study.

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