Are You Deliberately Doing This? Because You Need To Be To Drive Profits

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A question to think about while you’re reading this quick blog today:

How regularly do you bring yourself and your team back to your Vision for the business?

There’s so much that businesses and the individuals who work for them must navigate daily both in their professional and personal lives, that having a Vision is super critical to the success of your business.

But having a Vision is one thing.

How you communicate it is the difference between seeing it come to fruition or not.

How you take it off the wall and into day – to – day life is the difference between simply spinning your wheels and driving real and unadulterated profits.

Last week, I spoke about the absolute conviction you must have as the leader to the Vision to get your people on board and to drive it.

This week, I’d like to talk about the importance of bringing yourself and your team back to the Vision on a regular basis, and how to do it.

Life is busy and work is busy, with so many things competing for your attention each day that can distract us, it’s easy to lose sight of what it is you’re actually meant to be doing.

Therefore, you need a deliberate plan to keep you and your people focused on it.

Initially, if you haven’t done so since the beginning of the year, formally state and remind your team in a written communication what your Vision is and outline why it’s your Vision and how you plan to achieve it as a team.

Try and break it down as much as possible to make it personal to them.

Next, schedule a team meeting (or a special Vision launch event) with your people to re – cast, re – state, and re – affirm your Vision personally.

Nothing beats hearing the Vision clearly and passionately outlined by the business owner, team leader, or CEO – whatever your case may be. (Remember to use impactful visuals to help you do this – 60% of your people are visual learners).

If this isn’t possible, record yourself doing the above and send it to every team member.

After this initial re – statement, keep regularly bringing your team back to the Vision and encourage them in the achievement of it, formally and informally, to keep your team focussed and united on your common goal.

Rewards, when targets are met, are particularly effective at keeping people focussed on the Vision too.

Bring up the Vision with my team at least weekly, just in conversation, asking for example, “What are we focussing on right now and is it aligned to the Vision?

Are we working on the right priorities?

Or I’ll say something like “Look at how far we’ve come, I wonder where we’ll be in 12 months’ time?! We could be having a team meeting on a beach in Hawaii!“

We also have monthly team meetings where we all check – in and see where we are in relation to the Vision.

What’s your Vision?

Are you regularly bringing yourself and your people back to it? How?

Could you do it more effectively?

Remember, these are turbulent and busy times and your people’s attention can easily get distracted, so you need to deliberately keep your people focused on what it is you’re trying to achieve.

By bringing them, and yourself, back to the Vision, you ensure you all stay focussed and united, working with purpose, to achieve something special and drive your business success together.

Next week, I’m going to talk about how to truly engage your people in the Vision – how to make it personal for them. Stay tuned %FIRSTNAME%.

If you have any questions, please email me at or join our Facebook Page and message me or post a question to the group.

Keep Climbing and take care,

Peter (Coxey)

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