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BOOK – Peter Cox

In the first month of publication over 12,000 books of this Best Seller were sold world wide….
The book “The Dream Is Everything” is Peter’s insight into the difference between Dreamers and Dream achievers.

You will learn about an average guy who has achieved above average things living by the principles he believes in. Peter will not tell you what your dream should be, we all have different dreams, and desires – he will share with you in this inspirational book some of his dreams and techniques he has used to achieve them.

Most people are all very busy just living these days, however how many people that you know are truly happy? It is a fact that only a very small percentage of people take the time to sit down and think about a plan their life, interestingly it is those people that can genuinely say they are happy.

“What is the vision that will not only provide you with satisfaction now, but also leave a legacy for your children and grandchildren and friends? What you do today should be a by-product of your dream. The work you do today should open doors to dream fulfilment.”

This book answers all these questions.

BOOK – Debbie Cox

In the first month of publication over 6,000 books of this Best Seller were sold world wide….
The book “The Ideal Life – My Journey” is about finding a meaningful life.

Travel the twists and turns of Debbie’s life with her and admire her tenacity and determination to make a difference. A simple read of the observations Debbie has made in life – Debbie says – “Even though all of us know that life is far too important and substantial to waste, very few of us seem to bother to put enough time and thought into identifying what kind of a life we would actually like to build in our few brief years on the planet.

We blame our lack of appetite for the disciplined work of dreaming up the ideal life on poor foundations (our families were flawed), bad workmanship (nobody believed in me) or cheap materials (I’m swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool)”.

Is there a way to get beyond our present mindset, prior history and hand-me-down genetics?

Are you trapped in a life that will give us no more than what we currently have, or can we break through to the life we have always dreamed of having?

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CD1 – Who is Leading You
CD2 – The Dream – The Vision
CD3 – Lead By Example
CD4 – Nine Qualities of a Leader
CD5 – You Need Influence
CD6 – One on One
CD7 – Be the Best Leader You Can Be
CD8 – Create Momentum
CD9 – Accepting Change
CD10 – Overcome Problems
CD11 – Clear Expectations
CD12 – Creating a Harmonious and Unified Team

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