Boost Business Performance By Employing The Right People In The Right Roles

Succession planning strategies and implementation for a smooth transition

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The Managing Director, Nathan Chivas, needed to grow his leadership skills to take over and effectively lead his company, Central Element. His father, Wayne Chivas, wanted to step out of the daily running of the business to focus on business scalability and future planning. The objective was to have Nathan develop his leadership qualities to bring together a high-performance team with the right people in the right roles. They wanted all the key stakeholders on the same page, working towards a unified goal that would take their company towards expansion and growth.



We earned the trust of the Managing Director, Nathan Chivas, as we began the mentoring process. We started with monthly leadership training sessions with him to help him grow as a leader and adapt to his new role in the company.

Every month, we would add more board members to the sessions to help strengthen relationships and develop trust. We currently have 8 team members in the Leadership Dynamics mentoring process.


Central Element is based in North Sydney, Australia. The project duration has been 36 months and is ongoing.




The Leadership Dynamics leadership mentoring process led to increased personal growth within the main members of the company. It enabled them to come together as a unified team that was able to work in harmony to achieve company goals.

Our edification strategies helped the leadership grow on a personal and professional level. It had a positive impact on both business and their family lives. There is now a solid rapport between the chain of command based on respect and ownership of personal responsibilities. It has allowed them to connect emotionally and understand each other better. Our personality profiling techniques have enabled them to identify emerging leaders and choose the right people for the right roles.

The overall improvements in business efficiency have given the leadership renewed confidence and self-belief. It has led to clear communication across the board, with increased transparency and honesty in the working environment.

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Our main challenge was to help Nathan Chivas grow his influence on the Board and to grow into his role as a leader. Doing so would help him have a deeper understanding of the key members and develop his leadership qualities by selecting the right people for the right roles. We also had to strengthen the business partnership between the brothers for a smoother transition for his succession.

What Changes Would We Have Made if We Could Start the Project From the Beginning?

We would have scheduled 90-minute leadership meetings with the top 20% of company leadership instead of gradually adding members. It would have helped them develop the right mindset for growth and effectively implement team-building strategies.

Leadership Dynamics coaching and development programs help boost business productivity and performance with effective leadership mentoring and team-building strategies. Grow as a leader and select the right team for optimum business scalability and performance with our dynamic, in-depth coaching sessions. 

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