Empowering a Remote Team For Greater Profits

How Putting People in the Right Roles Led to Improved Life Balance, Stronger Organisational Culture, and Increased Profits For This Gold Coast Business.

Empowering A Remote Team For Greater Profits

The Scope Of Work

The Founders of GetMyCourse, Rejin Rajan and Darshan Chavan, wanted to improve several aspects of their business.

Their ultimate goal was to achieve a better work life balance for personal growth and stronger relationships. 

They knew they would benefit from the help of an Executive Coach to get them to the next level in their business, honing the leadership skills required to effectively manage and lead their remote teams. 

Along with that, they wanted to work on virtual team building for their remote people, and ensure they were choosing the right people for the right roles to improve employee engagement and productivity.

In regards to their team, they knew that effective communication while working remotely would help to create a cohesive unit. 

In order to do this, Rejin and Darshan knew they needed to lead with improved clarity, and excellent communication to their remote teams. 

While they were always working towards this, they knew they needed outside assistance to help them do it better.

They also wanted to implement an effective organisational culture model in their company for optimal efficiency and productivity.

Deciding to work with Peter Cox of Leadership Dynamics would ultimately help them grow as a business and in their roles as Founders and business partners, resulting in great success.

The Challenges

The main obstacle was leading a remote team in the Philippines from the Gold Coast, Australia. 

The Founder’s roles had to be redefined, and their accountability to each other as business partners needed to improve.

The Results

Rejin and Darshan do monthly, half-day, one-on-one sessions with Peter Cox using the Leadership Dynamics process. 

The project duration has been nearly two years and is still ongoing.

Peter has been working directly with Rejin and Darshan, leading them to spend more time ON their business, instead of caught up IN it. 

Doing so contributed to their personal growth and strengthened their partnership and communication.

Reassessing how they worked together allowed them to see that their roles needed to change, along with other team members – choosing the right people for key positions. This resulted in them leading their company towards great growth and profitability.

Some of the powerful tools we used to help them grow their leadership skills included Personality Profiling, Love Languages and the core values of a winning team. 

Our programs on recruitment, retention, accountability, respect and Emotional Intelligence have helped Rejin and Darshan build a positive team culture with effective communication while working remotely. 

Our strategies on the behaviours of edification and influence have enabled them to lead more effectively, keeping remote employees engaged and motivated.

In the 24 months since GetMyCourse started the Leadership Dynamics program with Peter, their growth is 300% above budget and remains on the upward trend.

They’ve also been recently ranked in the top 70 fastest growing companies in Australia going from 5 to 50 team members.

This is an amazing achievement by any standards, let alone during a pandemic.


Final Thoughts

By putting the Founders, Rejin and Darshan, in the right roles, the company’s leadership has strengthened dramatically. The overall efficiency of the team has increased due to clear and precise communication across the board and the development of a high performance culture.

By allowing themselves to be led independently by our sessions and strategies, the relationship between the two Founders has never been stronger. 

They now have a better understanding of their roles, improved personal accountability and a clearer understanding of each other. It has helped them achieve unity and harmony in their business that reflects in higher employee engagement and performance, resulting in higher profits and improved work life balance for all team members at GetMyCourse.