How Acknowledgement Increases Your Effectiveness

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Do you acknowledge your team members?

Acknowledgement can drastically change the attitude and performance of your team members. It is a common misconception that all people are
money driven. The truth is people want to be valued. Acknowledgement takes little effort and can have a massive result on your team’s performance.

Why is acknowledgement important?

It builds trust. Recognising and praising your team member’s efforts makes them feel positive towards you. This increase in trust and likeability will make you a more effective leader, resulting in people respecting your words and judgement.

It motivates. It pushes people to work harder for you. It is more effective than a pay rise.

Establishes loyalty. It is easy to be the boss that people don’t like. People that like you and like working for you do not want to let you down. This will increase your influence and make you a more effective leader.

Low turnover:  If people are happy with you and their job they are less likely to leave. This means instead of hiring and training new staff all the time you can have team members that have had long experience with the company.

How to acknowledge?

Acknowledgement is very simple and there are a variety of different ways to praise you team members. It can be as simple as talking to them in public. Even telling your team members as a group how you a pleased with them or particular individual. Public acknowledgement is very effective. Although even sending individuals congratulatory letters in regards to their work is a good way to acknowledge them.

By acknowledging your staff you will create a better, productive work environment.

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