How Mrs B Tamed a Wild Coxey

Mrs Bennison - Tamed a Wild Coxey

The recent passing of my best mate’s mum, the beautiful Mrs. Bennison, made me stop and think about just how much of an impact one person can have over the direction of your life.

Just by doing simple things.

I actually don’t think I’d be where I am today without Mrs. B. 

She was instrumental in the taming of a wild, wild Coxey.



Benno has been my best mate since I was 16 years old.

We met on his driveway while I was walking my dog, Susie, one warm Spring afternoon back in 1979, after just having moved to the Sutherland Shire on the outskirts of Sydney, Australia.

We were thick as thieves from that moment on, and I know it was probably to the great concern of Benno’s parents.

But nevertheless, Mrs. B was like a second mother who was always so gracious and patient with me while I was steering her son down the wrong pathway at times.

Sometimes, we’d be bouncing off the walls after a big night and she’d come out of her bedroom and say “Don’t wake up Dougie whatever you do!  Peter – go to the back room and Craig, go to bed.”  (There was always a bed for me in their back room.)

We‘d wake up hung over the next morning and Mrs. B would cook us breakfast.

I was so grateful.

There was a lot of turbulence in my family life, so most nights I knocked on the Bennison’s front door around 8 pm and there was always a chair for me at the family dinner table, having timed my dessert run perfectly.

Many times, I’d be banned from the household because Benno’s dad, Doug, wasn’t happy with me.

Mrs. B always used to come out and see me and say “Peter, don’t worry, I’ll settle the situation with Dougie down” and 7 days later I was back for dessert!

In 1993, I went to full-time Bible College to save my marriage and quit drugs.

Mrs. B typed forty assignments for me during my time at college.

I’ve now been happily married for 34 years and drug-free.

When I look at where my life is today at 59 years of age, Mrs. B had a huge part in my development as a human being in the 80s and 90s.

She planted many seeds in me and nurtured them for two decades which are still bearing fruit.

Mrs. B’s passing again highlighted to me the massive impact we can have on the lives of others for good.

“If you’re in a leadership position, you have an even greater opportunity and responsibility to grow and nurture those under your leadership.”

Often you won’t know the legacy you leave with your people, but can I encourage you to keep intentionally trying to add value to the lives of the people you lead and those closest to you?

Serve them to the best of your ability.

We’ll all mess it up occasionally but let’s all try our best to be intentional to be a positive influence in our people’s lives.

Let’s plant seeds in them that will take root and help them be the best versions of themselves.

Whose life can you have a positive impact on?

Thanks, Mrs. B for what you did for a wild Coxey.  

I’m a better man because of you.

Rest in peace.
You’re now home.

Take care and keep climbing.

Peter (Coxey)
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