How to Effectively Lead Remote Teams. Part 8: How to Super Charge Your Team.

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“What gets recognised and rewarded gets done”.


It’s vital that when you lead people and lead teams (especially remote teams), you recognise, reward and celebrate the achievements, successes and milestones that occur within your business, team, or organisation as it super-charges your people to greater performance.


Right now more than ever in this global crisis, with many businesses now having a workforce working in isolation at home (remote teams), not having the comradery and everyday buzz and collaboration of the office environment, it’s critical that business owners or leaders, prioritise the time to recognise the achievements of their people to:


  1. Lift the morale emotionally of the team you lead (Where are they on the Emotional Guidance Scale by Abraham and Hicks?)
  2. Keep their people focussed on the right priorities.
  3. Drive accountability to do the things their people said they’d do.
  4. Grow the effectiveness of individuals
  5. Empower and build the heart and spirit of your people working remotely in isolation as they know how much you value them and see what they do for you. This leads to building a winning team culture.
  6. Showcase the talents of remote individuals to their remote team members, so everyone recognises and values the contribution each person is making to achieve the vision. This builds unity.
  7. Encourage current under-performers to raise their level of performance.



There are many things you could do to recognise and reward your people – and it obviously all depends on the achievement and person itself, but here are a few ideas that might spark an idea of your own:


  1. Publicly recognise an achievement in a weekly team Zoom meeting.


  1. Personally call and thank the person(s) on a job well done and say why you value them.


  1. Send a personalised video message to your business/company/team thanking them for an outstanding job.


  1. Send a reward via courier/the mail to the person/people involved.


  1. Have a Zoom celebration party with your team to celebrate a milestone. You could even send them a “celebration” pack via courier to consume during the online party.


  1. Reward team members with a subscription to an online learning platform to grow their skills, particularly while they have extra time on their hands in isolation to educate themselves and stimulate their thinking.



What are you doing to recognise and reward your people working in isolation?



If you have any questions, please email me at or join our Facebook Page and message me or post a question to the group, or if you’ve come up with inventive ways to reward your remote team, I’d really like to hear about it.


I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.


Take care and keep climbing.




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If you’d like to follow the Leadership Dynamics Facebook Page, my team and I are organising some online events to thrash out issues like leading your teams remotely, in more detail.  Stay tuned.  Click here for the link to my Leadership Dynamics Page.


I’ve been leading remote teams globally since 1994.  In one of my businesses, I now have remote teams in 28 countries, with a sales force of 15,000, in 12 languages. I’m also the Founder of Leadership Dynamics Australia which provides leadership strategies for SME’s and professional sporting organisations in Australia since 2003.  I’ve used the strategies outlined in this blog series, “How to Effectively Lead Remote Teams” since 1994 to great effect.


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