Hungry Teams Hunger For………..?

Hungry Teams Hunger For...........? - Leadership Dynamics

For a team to grow, individuals must grow mentally and in their heart and spirit. The team must all grow together if the team you lead is to truly grow in it’s potential and have greater effectiveness than the year before.

With the leadership responsibilities I have with the clients I lead, there is a lot of focus on what we must do to not only grow individuals but to grow the team.

In professional sport, my leadership responsibilities with South Sydney are to not only grow the players but to grow the team and the culture after last years NRL Premiership win. Last year’s thinking and last year’s culture will not win the 2015 NRL Premiership.

There must always be a focus on having a real hunger to achieve the Vision – what must be done, as a team and as individuals to achieve it – never looking backwards, only looking forwards.

Nobody can do anything great on their own. For the culture of an organisation to excel, the team drives it, not just individuals. The team takes ownership of the values and behaviours within the organisation to ensure at all times, they have a winning team culture.

What does your team need to change to improve their performance and become more effective?

When it comes to developing the potential of the team you lead, your full attention must be given to what you want that team to become. Focussing on past results will not take you to where you want to go in the future – it will lead to complacency – though it’s always easy to look back in the past at last year’s achievements (or failures).

Is your team complacent?

It is much more difficult to look to the future and to drive strategies to focus on what is possible.

If individuals and teams are growing, you can be certain that the focus is on the now and the focus is on the future.

As the leader, or as a team member, is your team totally focused on the future?

Is the team hungry for it?

With the leadership responsibilities I have leading individuals and teams, it becomes obvious to me that when the past is the real focus, individuals and teams stop growing on the inside because complacency has set in. The hunger to reinvent oneself to stay ahead and to keep growing has diminished. Do not let the past dictate your future.

How hungry are you to reinvent yourself?

How hungry is the team you lead to reinvent themselves?

A winning team culture has a spirit of humility due to the willingness of each individual wanting to learn and grow themselves and the team they’re part of. There is a hunger of the individual and the team wanting to deliver on what is expected of them.

The real expectancy is for individuals to grow themselves, to continue to learn to be the very best they can be and to fulfil their potential.

Do individuals in the team you lead or the team you’re part of, truly hunger to grow themselves to become better than the year before?

Winning teams have a hunger for loyalty as the team is sold out to the Vision of the leader.

Is the team you lead or the team you’re part of sold out to your Vision?

Loyalty requires selflessness and humility to not just focus on what each individual must do, but even more importantly what each individual must do to help the Leadership achieve the Vision. The Vision of the Leader is the key to the dynamics of driving the organisational culture.

Deep loyalty results in winning teams. Loyalty means there is trust. Teams that do not have trust, lose.

Does the team you are part of, or the team you lead, have loyalty and trust? Do they hunger for it?

Loyalty and trust comes from the heart and spirit of individuals. One of the strategies to empower and strengthen the heart and spirit of individuals is the One On One process. In my professional career I’ve done 12,000+ One On One’s and the change that they bring about in individuals is remarkable. Individuals can develop:

1  Better thinking

2  Better behaviours

3  Accountability

4  Respect

5  Trust

6  Unity

7  Leadership traits

8  Leadership values

9  Leadership beliefs

10  Alignment to your Vision

11  Focus

12  Commitment

13  Honesty

14  Courage

15  Desire

16  Persistence

17  Personal goals

18  One On One skills to use within their own teams

The impact of the change in individuals, brought about by the One On One process, on the organisational culture is significant and I’ve witnessed it time and time again. One on Ones produce a winning team culture. The One On One process is a powerful Leadership tool and when it’s placed in the hands of a hungry leader and a hungry team, it’s power increases tenfold.

Do you have a hunger to see change and development in yourself?

Do you have a hunger to see change and development in your teammates?

Do you do regular One On Ones with your team or does the leader of your team to regular One On Ones with you?

How hungry are you and your team to truly want to achieve your Vision? How hungry are you and your team to want to win?

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