Leading By Example


To lead for growth requires you to lead by example.

Your vision is the team’s vision. You must cast your vision to your team. Sharing and pursuing the same vision will create unity within the team, motivating them to work for your dream.  A leader believes all things are possible. Your dreams and goals must be realistic.

Do you have the right priorities? You must lead yourself first before leading others. To do this you must allow yourself to be led. Leading by example requires you to show your team that you will keep your word and commit to what you say you will do. You must show compassion.

What culture are you creating in your team? Leading by example will result in other people following you because they want to – you motivate them. Does your team see you as someone loyal? You must give loyalty to get loyalty in order to lead by example. Be transparent, show that you aren’t perfect. Build a bridge between you and the team that you lead. Leading by example requires honesty. Your teams trust comes from your own honesty. Integrity is a victory not a gift. Do you deliver your word? Do you seek wisdom to make leadership decisions?

Where does your thinking need to change? Is your thinking challenging you to lead by example or is it challenging you to a negative thought process? If your thinking doesn’t change, nothing will. Anything worthwhile takes longer. Do you think that anything is possible? Leading by example will motivate your team.

10 simple ways to lead by example:

1. Take responsibility.

2. Be truthful.

3. Be courageous.

4. Acknowledge failure.

5. Be persistent. Try, try again.

6. Create solutions. Don’t dwell on problems.

7. Listen. Ask questions.

8. Delegate liberally.

9. Take care of yourself. Take a break.

10. Roll up your sleeves.

Are you really committed? Can you be 100% trusted? Does the team you lead feel unified?

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