Nine Qualities of a Leader

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Before you improve your business, you must first improve yourself as a leader

It is not about how long you have been a leader, but how effective you are now. Continue to challenge yourself. If you are not where you want to be or your business is not where you want it then you are responsible to change it. Do not change what works, change what doesn’t. Grow yourself to become a better leader. Use these nine qualities to improve as a leader before you try to grow your business.

1. Grow Yourself as a Leader

You must grow yourself as a leader to be able to lead your team more effectively. You must embrace change. It is a natural part of business and avoiding change will create unnecessary problems within your team. Stand by your personal ethics. This will create a standard within the team.

2. High Energy

Rise above small-minded thinking. Create high energy in yourself and within your team. You will not be able to work successfully without high energy to get things done. Create the opportunity to get things done and learn how to multi-task. It takes energy to multi-task properly however it will create a more efficient team.

3. Working the Right Priorities

Do you know your priorities? Are they in chronological order? You will maintain energy by working your priorities in chronological order. If you can’t get something done or it is wasting your time, delegate it. Do not spend your time doing something that someone else in your team could do. Manage your time effectively.

4. Courage

Great leaders are courageous. Not everybody has the ability to lead. It requires courage to risk and to reach. Take responsibility of your actions, and do not make excuses for failure. Face the truth and stand up for your actions.

5. Commitment and Dedication

How good is your current thinking? Do you need to be stronger minded? Commitment and dedication involves loving the leadership process. Who do you go to when you need empowering? Who do you surround yourself with to provide support when you need it? Committed and dedicated leaders create committed and dedicated teams.

6. Goal Orientated

Clarify your vision. Do you have clarity in your work? Create a clear business plan to help lead and guide you. Start with the end in mind. You must know what the end looks like, as this is what drives success. Successful people have a clear vision. Focus on the right vision.

7. Enthusiasm

Energy and enthusiasm is contagious, it duplicates in your team. Find someone who is more enthusiastic than you to guide you and inspire you. People around you will catch your enthusiasm.

8. Staying Level Headed

Staying level headed means having self-control, resolving conflict and under-reacting instead of over reacting. Stay calm, most problems do have solutions. Great leaders expect problems, they do not fear them.

9. Nurturing Your Team

Value the people in your organisation. Help others grow; it will increase trust, unity and harmony within your team. Where do you need to grow and develop? Who in your team needs to grow and develop? Great leaders have a desire to help others to grow.

Your organisation needs a better leader and it is up to you. What do you need to do to be a better leader?

If you want to utilise the skills, passion, drive and business acumen of a successful entrepreneur to grow your leadership potential, then call Peter today.  If you truly want to develop a winning team culture, driven by accountability and respect from someone who is independent, then call Peter today on 9525 5944.  The success of Peters clients can be reviewed here.

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