Reaching Your Leadership Potential and Identifying It In Others.

Reaching Your Leadership Potential and Identifying It In Others. - Leadership Dynamics

What is your leadership potential?

Are you reaching it?

One of the key responsibilities of Leadership is to raise up leaders within their team.

The people you lead will only reach their leadership potential if you reach yours.

Your company will only reach it’s potential if everyone is achieving theirs.

It’s a win/win/win situation, but one that requires hard work, commitment and discipline.


Over the last 27 years of leading people, I understood that you need to be yourself so that you can be all that you want to be.  Don’t try and be someone you’re not.  To lead you must be comfortable with your own leadership style.

There needs to be strong expectations from yourself that you will reach your potential when it comes to leadership.  Personal accountability to developing oneself as a leader to maximise your leadership is a key expectation for any leader who truly wants to reach their potential.


Are you prepared to do more today than you did yesterday?


There are no shortcuts when you have the responsibility of leading people.


Are you prepared to go through the process in order for you as the leader to grow yourself first? 


Reaching your potential requires you to embrace discipline and to focus on those behaviours that drive results. If you focus only on the results, the results won’t happen. When you believe you aren’t reaching your potential you need to allow yourself to be led by someone who you trust that is an effective leader, and ask for help –  key ingredient for you to reach your leadership potential is to have humility.

Leaders have good daily habits.

Good leaders:

Are readers.

Seek good leadership counsel

Spend one on one time with the emerging leaders in their team.

Allow themselves to be led and seek a leadership mentor

Anticipate change.  They embrace change.

Always bring out the best in the people they lead.


The Association Factor is a key leadership strategy for you to reach your potential. You will draw inspiration from associating with people more successful than yourself.  There are a few “rules” when it comes to the power of association:

1.     Always seek to associate with people who are more successful leaders than you are, and wiser too.

2.     Get together with like-minded people who share your desire to develop your leadership potential.

3.     Only keep company with people of a high ethical character.

4.     Associate with those who have a huge appetite for work.

For leaders to reach their leadership potential means they are committed to growing themselves as a leader.  This commitment will lead to greater focus within the team you lead, to look for potential leaders.  As you grow in your leadership potential, potential leaders will emerge. Your level of influence will increase as your leadership potential increases, which means you will have more followers as the leader.

Potential Leaders:

  1. Have influence.
  2. Embrace the vision
  3.  Make things happen
  4. Create new opportunities
  5. Add value to you as the leader
  6. Are strong willed
  7. Have high level thinking
  8. Have great attitudes
  9. Display integrity, doing what they said they would do, honouring their commitments
  10. Are extremely loyal to the vision, the team and who’s leading them.
  11. Add value
  12. Have magnetism
  13. Make other people want to follow them.


Who is your next potential leader?


Reaching your leadership potential will result in you drawing people from your team with great potential, into your inner circle. Commit yourself to developing a leadership team if you truly want to reach your leadership potential and you want your business to reach it’s potential also.

What do you need to do firstly for you to reach your leadership potential?

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