Case Studies

The Power of One-on-Ones


Tony Hargreaves & Andrew Melville – Managing Directors – Renascent

“I think the team value one on ones because they have seen that the feedback that has been dragged out of them through that process has been acted on. We had that formal process of getting the information from Peter, discussing the information and acting on it. Our staff really value it.”

The Power of One on Ones – Allan Ferguson – Omega Plumbing

The way that Peter does one-on-one’s is far more involved and intense than the way I do it. I’ve basically taken Peter’s method and implemented in my business. So I actually do, just so you are aware I do roughly four one-one-ones in my business every single day. But they’re not quite the way Peter does them. Peter’s got one-on- ones that go for 30 minutes, 60, several hours. This is a different level of intensity, and in my business I try to do a one-on-one four days out of five with all of my key leaders. And I’ve got roughly four people. I don’t get five a week, but I try to get four one-on-ones with each of them a week. And they can be anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes in duration. Because when you’re doing them that often, there’s not that much more the new stuff. I follow a slightly a different template, but I actually teach other companies, because I actually do coach, I have coaching clients myself, and I do share with them the full principle that Peter recommends. But, I only use that for more, I don’t do that in the day… I find the shorter consistent one-on-ones are working very well for me. So I am a big believer in them.