You Need to Get This Right to Create Momentum in Your Business.

You Need to Get This Right to Create Momentum in Your Business.

You can tell the moment you set foot in a place if it has momentum or not – your local café, the little restaurant around the corner, your mates office, or a client’s company headquarters – you can pick up on the vibe, the morale, the general buzz of the place.

You don’t need anyone to spell it out for you – you can just tell how people feel about working there.

You can tell if they love it or loathe it.

You can tell if they feel energised to be there or are counting the minutes until they can “bundy” off.

You can jsut tell if there’s momentum.

And momentum is what you need to go from strength to strength.

To keep succeeding day in and day out, year in and year out.


I know you understand the importance of creating and keeping momentum.

It should be a key goal of any leader.

It occurs when all the strategies and tactics, all the energy and passion you inject into building your business on a daily basis, culminate into thrusting your organisation towards achieving your vision.


It’s the wind in your sails and you and your team feel invincible!


Momentum isn’t created by a single event, but it’s the accumulation of many, and often the little things we do as the leader and a team on a regular basis, over and over again.


I once heard about a science teacher who hung a bowling ball from the ceiling and told disbelieving students that he’d be able to make the 3.5kg ball swing by hitting it with a ping-pong ball, over and over again.   With consistent effort with the ping-pong ball, the bowling ball moved, bit by bit, until it gained momentum.


This is what it’s like to build momentum in your business.

It’s hard to build but you can do it with a consistent focus on the right behaviours.


However, behaviors are driven by the way you think.

Momentum begins with your thinking as the leader – seeing what no one else sees.

Seeing that big, glorious picture of what you would like to achieve.


Others might not see it, but that’s ok.  Many of the world’s greatest achievements were accomplished by people who had a vision and were undeterred to achieve it.


Take for example the Panama Canal. This project was probably U.S President Roosevelt’s greatest challenge of his Presidency – to build a canal just over 80 km in length, through some of the most treacherous terrains on the planet.

Most people believed the Canal couldn’t be built.


The French had tried 10 years before but they failed.  However, Roosevelt saw it as a massive global trade opportunity for America and pressed forward to lead a team to achieve what others couldn’t.


The project suffered many challenges as the years progressed – two Project Heads resigning, a Yellow Fever epidemic, strikes, flooding, landslides, unrelenting rain and heat, bad press coverage, corruption, and the sheer magnitude of the task – it was a massive leadership challenge let alone a purely human endeavour against nature.


However, it was the ability of President Roosevelt and his team of leaders that kept the momentum going and saw the completion of the canal in August 1915 – some 10 years after the first shovel struck the earth, over $US350 million spent, and 5,000 lives tragically lost.


What’s your “Panama Canal” right now?

What is the level of momentum in your business – out of 10, how would you rate it?


Your thoughts will determine your destiny.

What you see is what’s going to happen.


What are you currently thinking?


What do you need to think more effectively about so you can create momentum in your business?

For example, do you have self-doubt? 

Do you doubt your team? 

Are you listening to the negative thoughts of others? 

Are you comparing yourself to others? 

Are you afraid to fail?

What negative talk do you have going on right now? 

Are your fears really justified? 



Who you associate with also has a dramatic impact on your thinking.

Who are you associating with?

Are they positive people?

Do they build you up?

Do you trust them?

Can you confide in them?


Daily positive affirmations.

Something I’ve done many times in the past to help improve my thinking is to write out positive affirmations and put them in key places in my home and office, or I’ve put them as a reminder on my phone.

And I repeat them over and over at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Some of the ones I’ve used are:

“I have the strength I need to do this.”

“I will make this project happen.”

“I won’t stop until I achieve this.”


Obviously, you’ll have your own affirmations.


Can I encourage you to give this disciplined behavior a try? 

(Notice I used the word “disciplined” here – it really requires focus and commitment to make this happen.)


And lastly, before I sign off today, I have one final question for you that, from my experience, holds many people back from achieving their true potential –


Do you have things in your past that you need to deal with? 

Things that are preventing you from having a positive outlook?

This can be a big one for many people.

I’ve had to deal with big hurt in my own life that was sabotaging my professional and personal lives.  It can be a massive roadblock.


Do you have past hurts you must address to move your thinking into the positive so you can lead your business effectively and create momentum?

If you need to seek professional help, can I encourage you today to do this?


Our thinking.

It drives all our behaviours.

It’s a key driver of our success and our momentum.

But thankfully, it’s something that’s in our control.


I trust that today’s blog has stimulated and challenged you about the way you’re currently thinking and what you might need to do to move forward and realise the true potential and success you’re capable of.


If you’d like to learn more strategies to create and sustain momentum, check out our short online program to do this here.

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