The Power of Association

The Power of Association - Leadership Dynamics

When I wrote my book “The Dream Is Everything” the last chapter was on the Power of Association.  Association is what has impacted my leadership journey the most over the last 26 years.  To be an authentic and effective leader, your success will be determined by whom you surround yourself with.  Some of the closest relationships I have in my life today have become huge assets on my leadership journey.  In view of the Power of Association, we should observe the following rules:

1. We must always seek to associate with people more successful than we are, and wiser, too

2. We should get together with like-minded people, avoiding negative types who speak against our vision and dreams

3. We must only keep company with people of high ethical character

4. We should associate with those that have a huge appetite for work

To Lead4Growth your energy will come from associating with people that are more successful than yourself.  You can’t escape the incredibly powerful principle of association.  If you want what you have always had, then do what you’ve always done but there is a better way.  Surround yourself with people happy to be amongst the hard working early birds that get the worms, and join them!  Draw encouragement from them!  Be inspired by them!

I believe the Association Principle is so tried and true that you can predict the success of an individual simply by looking at the people he or she associates with.  When it comes to leadership and leading4growth people will inevitably rise to the level of success of their colleagues and peers.

Who you surround yourself with as a leader will have a major bearing on your leadership success.

For 22 years I had a leadership mentor who contributed significantly to my success because I allowed myself to be led.  Who is leading you and where are they leading you?

Allan Ferguson – Omega Plumbing Solutions

“There are many things that contributed to the growth of the company but if I was asked what the top area of focus was that has caused the most growth it would definitely be the Leadership with Peter.  I had no idea what Leadership was.  Allowing myself to be led has changed the way I manage my staff.  Anyone that thinks they are at the top and that they know it all will never grow”.

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