What Every Organisation Needs Is For The Leader To Become A Better Leader


Leadership is a responsibility.  You can’t lead the team without accepting the responsibility of leadership.

No matter what level of leadership you are currently at, authentic leaders understand the need to continually grow in leadership so that they become more effective in leading the people they surround themselves with – lifting the lid on the organisation.

Everything duplicates good and bad.

As a leader grows in leadership, their level of influence also increases.  This results in more people they have the responsibility to lead, wanting to follow them, not because they have to, but because they want to.

When a leader is growing and becoming a better leader, they are doing much more than just conducting business.  When they interact with the people they surround themselves with, they invest time in each of those people to discern who that person really is. This gives them great insight into how to lead and grow each individual most effectively.

A leader who is driven to become a better leader understands the importance of personally growing and this results in an effective leader looking for opportunities to build up the people in the team they lead.

The number one asset of any business is its people. The potential of the business will be determined by the ability to grow people in leadership but for this process to occur first, the leader must become a better leader themselves.

People respond to people and they will respond to a leader who is becoming better, before they respond to their leadership.

A leader can only develop the people they have around them to the level of leadership they are currently at. You cannot develop people beyond where you are at as a leader.  Authentic leaders have a real hunger to grow themselves and become more effective leaders because they understand the responsibility of leadership, which is people development.  If the leader becomes better, the people they have around them become better and the potential growth of any organisation will always be based upon the ability to effectively grow people to lead and not to manage.

The most effective strategy for a leader to become better is to allow themselves to be led.  Who is leading you?

“To be honest before meeting Peter I don’t think I was open to the process of being formally led.  I don’t think I really understood it but it became very clear with Peter.  I didn’t have a clear understanding of what a Leader does.  I saw myself more of a Manager than a Leader.  My Leadership Characteristics materialised through Peter.  It became very clear that Leadership or Developing Leadership in the business was crucial for us to grow.  It has changed the way I manage my staff”.  For full case study click here. 

Steve Ashworth – CEO – Buel

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